Health Permits

Food Worker Training

Certified Food Manager

All restaurants are required to have a Certified Food Manager on duty at all times food is prepared or served. All Certified Food Managers need to be registered with the Town of Bartonville.

Certified Food Manager classes can be found through many community colleges in their adult continuing education program. These classes are also available online, but the student needs to be sure to understand the full process. Some classes are in two parts.

Online courses are available through:

Food Handlers

In October of 2015, the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) changed to require all food employees to take an accredited food handler course.

This will be enforced in September of 2016. The Town of Bartonville will not be requiring additional registration with the Town.

TFER defines a food employee as an individual working with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food-contact surfaces.

Exempt individuals include:

  • Those who already have a Food Managers Card
  • Intellectually Challenged Individuals
  • Persons in a rehabilitation or correctional facility that work with food or food related items as part of their rehabilitation
  • Persons who aid in activities of daily living (such as nurses or certified nurse assistants)
  • Persons who distribute pre-portioned food items in settings such as but not limited to classrooms, daycare facilities, and similar facilities
  • Volunteers, those individuals who work with food or food related items but are not employed by the food establishment