The Regulations

Rules and regulations? Why do we have to follow the rules and regulations? Septic regulations are put into place to protect you as the homeowner/occupant, your septic system, and the environment. Septic oversight and statutes were put in effect in 1989 and have been enhanced and improved since that time. While the Town of Bartonville follows the State laws concerning on-site wastewater, the Town has adopted its own ordinance for septic oversight. Though the Town can be more stringent and is more stringent on some items, most items are as found in state law. The Town adopted the local On-Site Sewage Facility ordinance to further enhance protection of the greater good of the public and the environment.

Local Rules

  • Maintenance contracts. All owners of any on-site sewage disposal systems using aerobic treatment that requires maintenance shall have a maintenance contract with a licensed maintenance contractor.

The following sections will explain the regulatory agencies and their roles, septic professionals, rules and regulations, and projects and permitting.

The Rules

The State of Texas utilizes the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to oversee and administer the On-Site Sewage Facility Program. The rules can be found within the Texas Administrative Code and Texas Health and Safety Code. In addition to the rules governed by the State / TCEQ, the Town of Bartonville has adopted a local ordinance pertaining to on-site waste disposal. The Town's ordinance was reviewed and approved by the TCEQ. The Town follows along with the State regulations but has approved some portions that are more stringent than State law in order for greater protection of the public and environmental health.

The Works

Being a homeowner typically involves home improvement and beautification projects. When planning for these projects, it is important to consider all areas of the property, including the septic system and all of the associated components. The information below will provide information for planning through completion of numerous projects.

Retain Records

One key note to remember when building a house, remodeling a house, or purchasing a house that utilizes an On-Site Sewage Facility, is to retain records of your system. The licensed installer should provide you with all of the documents, including an "as-built" drawing, relating to the septic system, so that in the event of a problem or the desire for a home improvement project, the locations of all portions of the septic system are known. EHS also maintains a copy of the drawings and related permitting documents.