Link to Pay Online

If you would like to just pay your ticket and/or you do not qualify for any option, you may pay online without contacting the court.

If you have NOT made prior arrangements with the court and proceed to pay online or by phone, it will show as a conviction. Once you pay through this service, THERE WILL BE NO OPTION for Deferred Disposition, Driver’s Safety or a Compliance Dismissal.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL. No refunds will be made. 

The following payments MAY NOT be made here:  • Juveniles:16 years of age or under at the time of the offense • Under 21 alcohol and under 18 tobacco offenses.  Deferred Disposition/Driver Safety Course without first speaking to the court • Dismissal Fees 

There is a 3.5% debit or credit card processing fee. This fee is charged online and at the Court Window.

You will need to know the following before proceeding with your payment:

  • You will need your citation number or date of birth or driver license number.
  • Convenience fee is charged.
  • Payment will not be processed until next business day. If there is a warrant for your arrest, it will not be recalled until the day the fine is posted.
  • Be sure to get the confirmation number

Click here to pay online