Flock Cameras

We are continuously looking for options to increase public safety. The Bartonville Police Department partnered with Flock Safety and installed license plate reading (LPR) cameras in certain areas of Bartonville. With Bartonville Crime Control & Prevention District funding, we installed fourteen readers recording license plates coming into and out of town. Like many other communities in our area, such as Lewisville, our officers will be able to correlate vehicles/license plates to crimes and alert police of vehicles that have been involved in crimes. Since vehicles are used in approximately 70% of all crimes, the readers are a proactive tool in our crime fighting/deterrence efforts. This will also support Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, Blue Alerts, Endangered Missing Person Alerts, Camo Alerts and Clear Alerts.

Privacy is also a key part of this program. Access to the read plates is only authorized under very specific criteria. Plates are only stored for 30 days unless tied to a potential crime. The readers are motion-activated and do not capture 24/7 video, similar to still images taken at toll road check points.

In the event of a crime, footage from Flock Cameras can be accessed and shared with the police. If your license plate is on the SafeList, any footage of your vehicle will be marked as "resident."  To register click here.

Frequently Asked Questions