Water Supply Concerns

Message from Bartonville Water Supply

Honorable Town Mayors: I hope your holiday was enjoyable.

As you may be aware, BWSC and the Argyle Water Supply Corporation (AWSC) recently contracted with TALEM, Inc., a recognized independent laboratory, to sample and test our ground water (wells) for hydrocarbon contamination that may have been present as a result of gas exploration, recovery and related activities within our service areas. The results for both the AWSC and BWSC, for all samples collected and tested, were "Not Detected" for any of the contaminants. This of course is excellent news.

In addition to the above mentioned testing, BWSC alone, collected another separate round of samples in conjunction with the TCEQ.

Samples were collected from all of our active wells and in addition a sample of water from the UTRWD (surface) was also submitted for extensive testing.

The TCEQ made arrangements for supplying the sample bottles, pre-paid shipping and pre-paid testing at their recognized labs. In addition, certain specialized contaminants associated with possible natural gas production activities such as MBAS (Methylene Blue Active Substances) and Glycol based contaminants not tested for previously were also included in the TCEQ testing. These extensive tests, when completed also revealed a "Not Detected" finding for ALL samples collected, regardless of a ground or surface water source. As you can imagine, we are very, very, relieved and pleased with the results.

Hopefully, the above information can put to rest for now, written and verbal statements** made in public by individuals, regarding the quality of BWSC's water. Such statements are being unsubstantiated by BWSC's recent TCEQ conducted testing.


Jim Leggieri
General Manager/BWSC