Board of Adjustment

Regular Meetings

  • Meets as needed
  • 1941 E Jeter Road
  • Bartonville, TX 76226

    Meetings can be viewed on our YouTube Channel by clicking here

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 


  • Donna Baumgarner, Vice-Chair
    Term Expires: September 2024

  • Kathy Daum, Chair
    Term Expires: September 2024
  • Del Knowler
    Term Expires: September 2023

  • Jim Lieber
    Term Expires: September 2023

  • Rick Lawrence
    Term Expires: September 2023

  • Siobhan O'Brien, Alternate #1
    Term Expires: September 2024

  • Rebecca Jenkins, Alternate #2
    Term Expires: September 2023


Board of Adjustment

Nine-member board-requires five regular members and up to four alternate members; serves 2-year terms.  

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears and decides an appeal that alleges error in an order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official regarding the zoning ordinance; hears and decides special exceptions to the terms of the zoning ordinance; Authorizes, in specific cases, a variance from the terms of the zoning ordinance if the variance is not contrary to the public interest and, due to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the zoning ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship, so the spirit of the zoning ordinance is observed and substantial justice is done.

Qualifications of members

A person is eligible for appointment to town's planning and zoning commission or the board of adjustment of the town if the person:

(1)     Has been an owner of real property and has been a resident in the town for a minimum of six (6) continuous months prior to the date of appointment;

(2)     Has obtained the age of eighteen (18) years prior to the date of appointment;

(3)     Is a registered voter; and

(4)     Has never been convicted of or is not currently charged with a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude.