Community Development Corporation

Regular Meetings
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Currently meets 2nd Monday of every month as needed
  • Check Town Calendar to verify meeting
  • 1941 E Jeter Road
    Bartonville, TX 76226

  • Jim Langford, Chair
    Term Expires: September 2019
  • Terry Rock, Vice Chair
    Term Expires: September 2019
  • Dwain Skrobarcek, Treasurer
    Term Expires: September 2019

  • Jim Foringer
    Term Expires: September 2018

  • Jeff Traylor
    Term Expires: September 2018
  • Randy VanAlstine
    Term Expires: September 2019

  • Brenda Pardue
    Term Expires: September 2018


The Bartonville Community Development Corporation (BCDC) is a non-profit, tax exempt Texas Corporation created in 2002 following the passage of 1/4 of 1% sales tax dedicated to community development by the residents of Bartonville.

The BCDC is a separate entity from any other board or commission of the Town of Bartonville, and provides leadership and funding for projects that enhance and preserve Bartonville's excellent quality of life.

The tax provides cities with a wider range of uses for the tax revenues because it is intended to give communities an opportunity to undertake a project for quality of life improvements. The Section 4B tax can be used to fund projects that are typically considered to be community development initiatives. Funds can only be used for authorized categories under Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act.


The BCDC Board is governed by 7 members, appointed by the Council. Expenditures by the BCDC must be approved by the Town Council prior to expenditure. Depending on the type of project this may be accomplished via the approval of the budget by Council,
or a more formal hearing of the project and proposed expenditures.


The projected amount of annual sales tax revenue for FY 2016 to 2017 is $115,000. Types of projects the BCDC has funded: Construction and installation of the Town's entrance feature including the Town of Bartonville Signs and horses located at the corner of McMakin and FM407; the Town Businesses Monument Sign; and grants to Town businesses to assist in the promotion of business development.

The town has a limited amount of property zoned for commercial business. It is the goal of the BCDC to support existing businesses and to attract the types of businesses that meet the vision and standards desired by the community, while increasing the sales tax and ad valorem tax revenue to the town's general fund, in turn, keeping property taxes low.

Qualifications to serve

Board members will be selected based on interest in the work of the Corporation, special expertise, and civil service. Special expertise includes but is not limited to, business skills in finance, accounting, law, personal credibility, business accomplishments, and interpersonal skills. Any Board member who files for public office must resign from the Board, with the exception of Council member's who have been appointed to the Board by Town Council and seek reelection to the Town Council.