Driving Safety Course

(Not for commercial driver's license holders)

You may be able to request that a charge be dismissed by taking a driving safety course.
However, you will lose that right if you do not provide written notice to the court of your desire to do so on or before your appearance date. A written notice is a notarized affidavit of eligibility or sworn request. Do not take the course until you have obtained permission from the court.

Eligibility Requirements For Drivers Safety Course

  • You must enter a written plea of Guilty or No Contest on this form.
  • You must possess a valid Texas Driver's License.
  • You must possess Texas Liability Insurance valid the day of your request.
  • You must pay the State court cost and administrative fee of $109
  • You can not be charged with speeding in excess of 24 miles over the posted; or 14 miles over the posted limit if in a commercial vehicle.
  • You can not currently be taking the course for another citation.
  • Your driving record can not reflect completion of a driving safety course within twelve months preceding the date of the alleged offense.
You must provide the court with a sworn affidavit of eligibility listing all seven requirements that must be notarized and filed with the court by your court date. If you appear in person at the Court Clerk's Office, please bring your valid Texas driver's license, proof of insurance (valid on the day of request), and administrative fee payment. The Court Clerk will notarize the court's affidavit for you at no extra charge.

Upon court approval to take the course, you will have 90 days in which to provide the court with the two following documents:

Driving Safety Class Form (PDF)

  • The "court certificate" of completion of the driving safety course from an agency by the Texas Education Agency
  • A certified copy of your driving record as maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Please request this immediately as it may take several weeks to receive. Please specify Type 3A.
If these two documents are not filed with the court within 90 days, you will be required to appear before the judge to show cause whey these documents were not filed and will be responsible for payment of the fine. The offense will then be reported on your driving record.